gratitude is magical™ | calling cards to share your thanks

Our philosophy:

We believe that what you put into the world, you get back. When you show your thanks, you give not only your gratitude, but also your appreciation, kindness, and thoughtfulness.

These actions have power. These gestures create change.

Gratitude is Magical™ Calling Cards to Share Your Thanks

Our story:

On a recent trip to a Destination Theme Park, I watched as a young guest walked up to one of the costumed staff and handed her a homemade gift card.

It was a sweet gesture, and the staff member bent down to greet the young boy to respond to his act of kindness.

In this beautiful moment, and I walked over to her, as I was touched by what I had just witnessed.

I said to her: “Do you mind showing me the card he gave you?”

She said, “Of course!” while wiping away a small tear of sweet emotion. She handed me the piece of paper. On it was a drawing of a robot and the words, “Thanks for working so hard!”

The staff member said to me: “This happens sometimes, and it means so much to me. We have SO many more times when guests are complaining or they are mad and it can be a challenge. It is SO nice when we get things like this. It really makes my day.”

I could see that she meant it and how much it refueled her.

I have always been a big fan of hand-written cards and small acts of kindness. After I returned home from the theme park, I asked one of my daughters to design a card that we could easily put in our day packs so that we could have quick access to mini “Thank You” notes.

I wanted to be able to quickly share a “Thanks for a great meal” in a restaurant check, or “We appreciated the room upgrade” & “You were so patient with us and all of our questions.”

She came up with the 1st Design: “A Galaxy of Gratitude™” with more to new cards to come.

We hope you will enjoy these cards and that they will inspire you to share your thanks with the people around you; at work, in the theme parks, in your neighborhood, or out on the town.

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