Want to know how to best-integrate Influencer marketing and content creation into your business? We sit down with Amy Welch-Olson of Capshore Photography for a video interview to discuss the ins-and-outs of this massively growing field of social media marketing.

Influencer Marketing Video Interview Show Notes | An Interview with Amy Welch-Olson of Capshore Photography.

These notes were directly developed from a talk crafted by Photographer & Creator Amy Welch-Olson to the Visit Portland Community in January 2020. These points are reflected in the interview with Kristin F. Simmons. 

“Hello, I’m Amy from Capshore Photography! I am excited to chat with you all today about what I have learned over the years as a content creator. 

There are SO many different opinions on the topic of influencers and social media. There is still a “Wild Wild West” feeling of no set rules, so today I am going to focus on my own experiences a content creator, and try to give you some insight from the other side of the camera. 

I’ve been a photographer for a long time and have been working as a content creator for several years with all sorts of different companies and brands like Visitmaine, Italiarail, and most recently VisitPortland

I thought the best way to approach this morning would be to give you an overview of the Top Questions that have come up over the last few years in my work. 

Social Media Influence Marketing Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons Digital Media

What’s the difference between a content creator and an influencer?

Content creators examples are photographers, videographers, and other professionals that create beautiful images/videos for a living. 

A. They sometimes have fewer followers than influencers but you’re not booking them for their followers, you’re booking them for their expertise in creating/curating stunning content. 

B. Influencers are typically micro-celebrities, vloggers, product reviewers and people who can affect and impact viewers. 

They typically have a bigger following than content creators and that’s the main reason you’re hiring them – not for their incredible images (although that can also sometimes exist) but for their ability to influence others to visit/purchase/follow your brand. 

People are MUCH more likely to trust someone they follow on Instagram when considering a purchase rather than a commercial/celebrity. 

When you hire a content creator you could get dozens of gorgeous images that you’ll be able to use on your website or social media accounts, which typically has a slower but markedly steadier impact. 

On the other hand, when you hire an influencer, you’ll have their followers paying attention to your account during the influencer’s visit. There is a faster initial impact on your social media channels, but there will be natural “drop-off” after the influencer finishes their contract work with you. 

What’s the value of investing in content creation/influencers? 

Potential clients and customers are significantly more influenced on social media than via traditional ads. Viewers (especially Millennials) typically plan their trips and purchases on social media. 

Social Media Influence Marketing Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons Digital Media

What’s the difference between content creation and a takeover? 

a. Content creation simply means copywriting, photography, and videography work that can be used by YOU, the client on your social media or websites.

 b. A “takeover” is content creation that the INFLUENCER then posts on your account for you during their stay/visit/tour etc. It gives viewers a more intimate experience of seeing what a weekend/trip might be like as it’s happening from the perspective of a 3rd party. This can be accomplished through stories, videos, writing, social posts, or a combination of all four! 

c. Influencers can also post on their own accounts and direct their followers to look at your brand via tags and links to your account. 

Social Media Influence Marketing Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons Digital Media

How do you find a great content creator/influencer? 

A. Ask around! If you’re a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, Visitor’s Bureau, or a State-Level Organization, ask who they have used for coverage. We highly encourage businesses to maximize their membership dues by working with their local and regional business organizations. 

B. You can also follow local accounts with beautiful imagery and reach out to the influencers directly. You can also ask if the influencer can recommend someone who they have worked with, or if they could recommend someone to work with you. REMEMBER – work with influencers who match the demographic you are trying to attract. Ask to see their stats and where their posts are being seen. 

C. You do NOT need to work with someone with thousands of followers. In fact, micro-influencers (10,000 followers or less) can have HUGE engagement and can help make a big impact with your local company. You want to make sure that their posts are being liked by people in your target market and feel free to ask for screenshots of their account analytics to verify that you are a match.

D. Who do you follow that you love or that are relevant to your business? Reach out to these influencers and see if they could help you.

E. We also recommend vetting an influencer via https://influencermarketinghub.com and looking at their reach, following, and the average rate of pay. It’s a free and easy-to-use tool for every business. You can plug in an influencer’s account to the calculator tool at https://influencermarketinghub.com/instagram-money-calculator/

Social Media Influence Marketing Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons Digital Media

How do you “pay for” content creators/influencers? 

A. It depends. Sometimes influencers and content creators will “trade” services for a press trip/weekend, or a free meal. Sometimes they will charge an hourly rate or a multi-day rate, and may also ask for accommodations/meals, etc. to be included. At a minimum, if you are making a trade, expect to comp everything. You may choose to ask the influencer to pay for any alcoholic beverages, but otherwise, cover food expenses. 

B. It’s important to be clear about what you are willing to offer/pay and what you will receive in return (deliverables). SPELL IT OUT in a contract and make sure you have a clear discussion with your collaborators before they begin work.

C. Honor the creative process. It takes time to develop stories and to edit photos and videos. THIS IS A PARTNERSHIP, so let the creative developer do what they do best, and rest easy knowing that you have spelled out your needs and goals in a clearly defined contract. 

Social Media Influence Marketing Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons Digital Media

What should you be thinking about in preparing for a content creator or influencer’s visit? 

A. You should generate ideas/opportunities/local tips for experiences to document. This can help give the influencer a good place to start.

B. Review what’s missing from your content/marketing materials and ask them to help fill in the holes.

C. What are you hoping to highlight about your business?  Get their creative input. 

D. Build-in downtime in their schedule so they have time to catch their breath and to accommodate for creative opportunities that may arise. 

E. Make introductions to a point person in your business or community so everyone knows what’s going on.

F. Deliverables/contracts – make sure you have this discussion beforehand about what you will give and get. Put it in writing. Be clear about what both agree upon as far as deliverables/returnables. This should include when will they arrive/leave? What is the trade/payment? What kind of access do you have to the images (exclusive rights)? When should you expect to get the images back? 

Social Media Influence Marketing Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons Digital Media

See Amy’s latest collaboration with Visit Portland here for a great example of an Instagram takeover.

Have you worked with an influencer or content creator?  We would love to hear from you. Tell us your tips or tricks and leave your questions below.

Reach out to Amy Welch-Olson at capshorephotography.com or on Instagram. She can consult with you about working directly as an Influencer and content creator, or she can provide custom development sessions with you so that you can build a strategy and dive into influencer marketing armed with all the information you need to make it a massive success.