Helping you and your business make meaningful connections

in a digital world

Authentic & connected digital storytelling through
social media strategy, training, and management


What we do

We are craftsman of engaging, focused, and authentic
digital content. We have an opportunity to connect with each other and our clients and customers through online storytelling. Great words, good photography and inventive techniques are the foundation of a positive, lasting connection.

It is that kind of meaningful connection that feels purposeful and real. It’s the kind of outreach we all crave in a digital and fast-paced
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Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons loves a good narrative. From the time she was a little girl who listened to her dad’s creative (and sometimes wild) tales, Kristin cultivated a love for innovation and storytelling as a means to connect.

Kristin is known for her down-to-earth teaching style and her passion for marketing and media training. Her background as a Writer, Marketer, and Clinical Therapist create the perfect mix of creativity, great listening skills, and compassion while working with her clients.
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Social Media Strategy

We help you develop a sustainable and engaging plan of action for your social media outreach.

Content Creation

We help you develop what to say and how to say it. We create blog posts, social media posts, website imagery and short-videos, based on your overall strategy.

Training & Speaking

Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons speaks to audiences from 2 to 2,000 on social media strategy, entrepreneurship, business growth, online storytelling, and developing a positive professional mindset.


5 Tips for Amazing Social Media Posts

5 Tips for Amazing Social Media Posts. I have a great solution for you when it comes to what to post on social media. We ALL — and I MEAN WE ALL have times when the words don’t flow as easily from our fingertips as we had hoped; or we have impostor syndrome and we Read More

Lumbar Puncture – Does it hurt?

Lumbar punctures are part of the diagnostic process in neuro demyelinating disease. While the procedure itself can be easy, the spinal headaches and body pain that can result from the lumbar puncture can be painful.

Ask a Question: What to Post on Social Media for Small Businesses?

Ever wonder what to post on social media for your small business? Find out a quick tip to help inspire you on what to post to engage your community.

Learning to love myself deeply: A new health horizon

The first thing I actually said to my husband was: "This is a gift" and I meant and felt that wholeheartedly. It was almost instantly that I reframed everything that I was saying to myself about my symptoms. I realized that many of the cycles I had experienced in the past were probably part of the disease course. It was an opportunity for me to observe that self-doubt and blame in a new light. I laughed about it. I cried, and then laughed and cried some more. I realized that I didn't need be so hard on myself and that "bad thoughts" were just thoughts, and feeling fatigued was just feeling - and not some greater judgment on my abilities as a human. I needed to be okay with it ALL - and let all the feelings flow through.

5 tips for Amazing Social Media Posts What to Post on Social media with Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons


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