Collection: Seaweed Semaphore Series

About the Seaweed SemaphoreTM Project: The Semaphore ag system, originating in the late 18th Century for military signaling, employs a dynamic interaction between sender and receiver, utilizing hand-held ags for swift communication. Inspired by this, the Seaweed Semaphore project explores the potential for non-verbal communication within coastal rockweed's undulation and tidal shifts. This project envisions deciphering the hidden messages carried by this common seaweed species, inviting humans to study, interpret, and codify its language. By focusing on the intricate patterns and movements of rockweed, we seek to understand the insights it oers and the potential warnings it may convey.

Exploring the hidden language of coastal rockweed, the Seaweed Semaphore project merges art and environmental understanding. By translating these signals into a codex and other artistic works, I aim to foster connections with the natural world, inspiring empathy and stewardship.

-Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons, Project Creator, Artist, Linguist, and Curious Observer